Naturopathic treatment

As a supplement to classical medicine, natural healing methods are also available for certain symptoms in urology, either as a supplement or as an alternative. For this, we have special training will gladly take the time to share our knowledge and experience with you. In urology, patients can often be treated effectively in this way without side effects. The aim of naturopathy is to promote the body’s self-healing powers. The focus is to have a holistic view of the person.

At our Private Practice for Urology in Berlin Wilmersdorf, we offer various therapeutic approaches in naturopathy such as phytotherapy (herbal medicines), mind-body medicine (order therapy: teaching various healing methods for body and mind to health-promoting behavior in everyday life and to cope with diseases), nutritional advice, fasting therapy guidance, exercise training, wheal therapy (neural therapy) and treatment of somatization disorders.

We offer the following natural remedies in our practice for urology in Berlin Wilmersdorf (in alphabetical order):

  • Instructions for fasting therapy
  • Mind-Body Medicine = Order therapy
  • Movement training
  • Phytotherapy
  • Somatization disorders
  • Wheal-Neural Therapy
  • Infusion Therapy
    • Food Intolarance
    • Energy Boost
    • Anti Aging
    • Sport
    • Anti Stress
    • Potency Boost
    • Anti Flu
    • Sleep Well
    • Chronic urinary tract infections

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