Advanced cancer screening

Prostate cancer prevention and early detection in Berlin as well as other early detection examinations at our Private Practice for Urology in Wilmersdorf

Prostate cancer screening and early detection in Berlin and Germany is recommended by health insurance companies from the age of 40. If a prostate tumor is detected as early as possible, the right therapy can be selected and initiated depending on the findings. Because a malignant prostate tumor has different manifestations in each patient, we as Berlin urologists decide together with the patient, depending on the outcome, which treatment is the best way forward. Surgery or radiation is not always necessary or, in fact, of use. Especially in older patients, a prostate tumor often grows slowly, so that, according to current studies, it usually does not have a life-shortening effect within its lifespan. Then the patient is monitored by the urologist, by means of “active surveillance”. In some cases, surgery is still performed at a later date, but first a close medical check is performed in our Private Practice for Urology in Berlin to observe the prostate tumor.

Early detection of prostate cancer: Preventative check-ups at our clinic in Berlin

The situation is often different in younger patients where the tumor may also have an aggressive component. In this case it could be important to immediately treat the prostate carcinoma. In general, various medical options are available in Berlin, depending on the type and stage of the disease: Surgery (radical prostatectomy with complete removal of the prostate), radiation, as well as brachytherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. The treatment of prostate cancer is guideline-based (S3 guideline). The type of therapy must be carefully weighed against all findings and life circumstances, as side effects are also possible.

Prostate cancer early detection Berlin: Potential PSA and PCA3 testing in certain cases

In the case of prostate cancer screening and early detection examination at our Private Practice for Urology in Berlin Wilmersdorf, first the doctor’s consultation and then the palpation examination or examination with color Doppler sonography in 3D takes place. If prostate cancer is suspected, a PSA test (PSA: prostate-specific antigen = tumor marker) can be performed, in certain cases also a gene-based PCA3 test. As urologists in Berlin, we can recommend the therapy for prostate cancer once all prostate findings are available.

Cancer prevention for urinary bladder and kidneys in both women and men

From the age of 40, we recommend cancer prevention for the bladder and ureter for both men and women. This is initially done with a urine test, in which the urine is examined microscopically for cellular components, and with a “bladder tumor test” (NMP22 or UBC Rapid). Photodynamic diagnosis PDD may follow. A bladder endoscopy is done with the most modern equipment and technology; possible tumors are stained and made visible with the help of a fluorescent dye. Urine and ultrasound examinations are used for the early detection of kidney cancer in women and men, e.g. for risk groups with chronic kidney insufficiency.

Testicular cancer screening is recommended for young men over the age of 20.

For men over the age of 20, we recommend an early detection test for testicular cancer. Sonography (ultrasound) and determination of tumor markers (AFP, HCG, LDH, PLAP) are available. In addition, within the scope of the examination we also carry out education and instruction for self-examination of the testicles by palpation.

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